We assess and plan the strategy for our clients to participate in the public market as well as the implementation of bidding & contract departments.
We carry out training and legal support.
We provide a wide range of courses and lectures:
Internal Bidding Phase (for private initiative)
Internal Bidding Phase (for the Public Manager)
Bidding with emphasis on Face-to-face and Electronic Bidding
Management and Supervision of Administrative Contracts
Impugnment/Challenges and Legal Resources/Remedies, and the
Administrative and Legal Litigation in Bids.

Complementary Law of Microenterprises and Small Enterprises with emphasis on the Chapter on Access to Public Markets
DRC – Differentiated Contracting Regime
System of Price Registration in Bids
Process of Direct Contracting, Exemption and Unequal Bidding
Illegal Strategies in Tenders, Bidding Crimes and the New Anti-Corruption Law
Tenders and contracts for public works
Crisis Management: Strategies for Companies Selling to Government. Delay of Public Administration. Collection Actions
Compliance – the creation of the integrity program and the various phases of its implementation.
Criminal Compliance in Government Relations (corruption, bribery, conflict of interest, fraud, cartels)
State Law (Law 13.303 / 16)
Risk Matrix (Law 13.303 / 16)